10 Year Limited Warranty

Addable helped demystify the mattress buying process. We believe our warranty should be just as straightforward. No legalese. No fine print. We keep it simple.
Your responsibilities:

Your Addable mattress is designed to last for eight years of normal use. But you need to take care of it, otherwise you run the risk of shortening its life and/or voiding your warranty. Caring for your Addable is not rocket science. It’s just a mattress and chances are you’ve taken care of one before. You’re expected to use a mattress cover or pad and ensure that the mattress is: supported properly; kept in environments 50°F or above; used only by people with a BMI less than 31; protected from liquids, flame, soils, etc.; put it into a box when moving and not fold it.

What’s covered:

Nothing lasts forever. Not your car or your favorite pair of jeans. Your mattress, too, will respond to your love the more it gets used. Over its lifetime the mattress will soften gently and show impressions where you sleep the most. This is normal.
A visible compression in the material greater than 1” is considered defective. If you notice cracked or split foam you should likewise drop us a note: support@addable.com

Length of warranty coverage/How to make a claim:
Your warranty coverage starts the day you take delivery of your mattress and lasts for 10 years. In the event that a warranty adjustment is required, including but not limited to repair or replacement, your protection continues from the date of original delivery.

If at anytime you think there maybe something wrong with your Addable mattress email support@addable.com. We’ll respond promptly and work with you to remedy the situation.

In the event that a warranty adjustment is indicated you must be the original purchaser/owner of the mattress, provide us with a copy of the original store receipt and send us the law label from the defective product. We’ll work with you to make things right. We’ll repair or replace your mattress or refund your money. This decision is made on a case by case basis.