Buying Your Addable Mattress

Can I try an Addable Mattress in a Retail Store?
Only on-line. At this time, the Addable gel memory foam mattress is not available in retail stores and only sold online at  Addable’s signature feel is classic memory foam with nice uplifting support that saves you from that super sink feeling. Our 181 day trial allows you to tryout the mattress risk free in the comfort of your home.

What payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What happens when I place an order?
We charge your credit card when you buy your mattress and we send you an email confirming your purchase. Because each Addable is built to order there will be some lag time from when your card is charged and your mattress ships. We will send you another email with a tracking number when your mattress ships confirming it’s on its way. Most people will receive their mattress 10 to 14 days after placing their order. We will advise you of any delays we encounter.

What about checks?
Sorry. We don’t accept checks as payment for the Addable mattress. They’re cheaper than a credit card to process, but more time consuming for us to handle. Our streamlined system saves us money and we can pass those savings onto you.

Can I pay with PayPal?
No. We’ve chosen to not take PayPal for payment of your new Addable. It’s another streamlining measure that gives you more mattress for less money.

Can I finance my purchase?
With regrets: no. We understand that sometimes cash flow or asset management makes financing a preference. By limiting payment channels [think Costco], we’re able to more accurately forecast our admin costs and keep our prices reasonable.

Can I order my mattress over the phone?
No. All Addable orders must be placed on line. This approach helps keep our overhead low and that means better prices for you.

Oh yeah…sales tax
We only charge — actually “collect” — sales tax for merchandise delivered in Massachusetts, World HQ for The rest of you are off the hook but remember: sales tax laws vary and we encourage you to check with your state’s Department of Revenue if you have questions. You may be responsible for paying the tax to them, even if we don’t collect it.