Is memory foam a good choice for me?

 Find out before you buy.  No mattress is going to work for everyone.

Do you like memory foam? If you like the feel of memory foam, or hear it’s good and you’d like to try it, and your body type is right, then chances are you’re going to like it. It’s amazingly comfortable and, from an engineering standpoint.

Sleep hot? No matter the mattress, we all have nights when we’re cold and no amount of blankets will help. And then there are nights, even in the middle of winter, when we kick off the covers because we’re too hot. But some of us sleep “hot” even on a well ventilated innerspring mattress. If sleeping hot is a concern then we advise you steer away from all memory foam mattresses because they envelop you with foam. Even those with “cooling” gel are still memory foam. If it quacks like a duck.


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