Is Addable a good choice for me?

How we compare.

Addable is a gel memory foam mattress that provides the comfort of memory foam with great base support. If you’re considering one of the new wave of on-line mass-market mattresses, e.g.: Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle, etc., then we should be at the top of your list. The Addable compares favorably with the “famous name” memory foam mattress you’ll find in big box discount retailers for $1,374, queen.

Comfort. We use three distinct layers of foam to give you a great night’s sleep. Our top 2” layer of gel provides that cradling feeling that makes memory foam so popular. You sink in just enough but not too much because our 2” middle layer of HD foam catches you and provides great support. Addable is grounded by HR foam, one of the most expensive foams on the market, to help the mattress keep its shape for years to come.

Find out before you buy. Think about it: our mattress — and all mattresses in this class — are made of foam and are limited to the amount of force they can sustain. 40 to 400 lbs? Get real. Addable will be comfortable for most people whose body types fall within our pre-defined range. No mattress is going to work for everyone.

Do you like memory foam? If you like the feel of memory foam, or hear it’s good and you’d like to try it, and your body type is right, then chances are you’re going to like our mattress. It’s amazingly comfortable and, from an engineering standpoint, we’re nearly identical to that “S” brand mattress that sells for more than twice as much. If you’ve tried those out then you should seriously consider Addable. We give you a 181 day trial period. If you decide that Addable is not right for you, we’ll give you all your money back.

Sleep hot? No matter the mattress, we all have nights when we’re cold and no amount of blankets will help. And then there are nights, even in the middle of winter, when we kick off the covers because we’re too hot. But some of us sleep “hot” even on a well ventilated innerspring mattress. If sleeping hot is a concern then we advise you steer away from all memory foam mattresses because they envelop you with foam. Even those with “cooling” gel are still memory foam. If it quacks like a duck…

Princess & Pea? Addable comes in one firmness, which was determined by many factors including multiple focus groups. If you like sleeping on a marshmallow or sleeping on the floor that’s probably a good sign that Addable — and most other “one firmness” mattresses in this class — is not a good match. If you find hotel quality mattresses comfortable, Addable should be on your short list. Better yet, order one right now!

100% money back if you’re not satisfied.

In the first couple of months you’ll get to know your mattress and it will get to know you. Our high quality materials will respond to your body in a way that will make it more comfortable (just like a new pair of shoes). Gentle softening in the areas where you sleep is normal. If you can’t get comfortable on your Addable after a couple of months email and we’ll help you find a better fit.

You have 181 days to decide if Addable is right for you. If it’s not, simply donate the mattress to a reputable cause and we’ll refund 100% of your money. Simple, happy returns.