How do I unpack an online mattress?

Step by step.

1. Bring box to the room where you plan to sleep.

2. Open the box. Then lay the box on its side and lift from the end. Let gravity help you pull it out.

3. Place the mattress on your bed.

4. Use a cutting tool to cut and remove outer plastic wrapper. Be careful to keep all sharp objects away from the mattress.

5. Mattress will start to expand. Unfold the mattress.

6. Remove the protective plastic sheet.

7. The foam needs up to 48 hours to rebound and regain its firmness and shape, but you can sleep on your mattress right away.


- Many people need help moving a 60 pound mattress. Invite a friend or two into your bedroom and have a mattress party.

- Sleep wasn't built in a day. Give yourself at 30 days to become one with your new mattress.

- Don't rush it; you have time to make sure you and your mattress can make it together.

- The new mattress smell usually goes away after 48 hours. You'd want to air out too if you were wrapped like that.

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